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Eden Down Home

Custom Barn Doors & More

Arizona craftsman design and build custom barn doors to your wants and needs. These doors come in many styles, woods, and finishes to match any decor. Custom Barn Doors, Feature Walls, Steel and Glass Doors, and more. Below are several ideas to get you started on your journey. We are a fully custom shop. Please know that if you don't see what you are thinking, we can and will build it!!

Modern Barn Doors

Modern Barn Doors can be wood, glass, steel, geometrical designs, flat, alternating patterns, or clean lines, or a combo of any of these. Click here to see examples.

Ceiling Beams

Dining rooms, living rooms, or great rooms all are enhanced with ceiling beams. Ceiling Beams add luxury and old-world charm  simultaneously!

Steel & Glass

​Creates a clean modern feel. Offices, condos, home offices are common place for these. Modern loft living are perfect places for custom steel and glass doors.

Classic Barn Doors

Classic custom barn doors. From smooth to knotty, pattern to plain, bright white to dark stain, we can design to meet your taste and style.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood in any design solicits conversation and curiosity. Its art and history in your home. The rooms will instantly be transformed and cozy with reclaimed barn doors!

Something Different

You have an idea but never seen it before? We can help make that vision a reality. We will come up with something special for you.


Custom barn doors, feature walls, and other custom furniture or shelving. We love what we do. The custom door business is a source of pride for our craftsman. We will design, build and install all components of your custom barn door. There are no short cuts, or out of the box designs or doors. The easy road is not for us. Show us your need for separation and we will fill it with something that’s eye catching, subtle, & cozy addition to your home. Each project is a life of its own and it never gets old building and designing for people's lives.


“I love  the transformation of raw materials into a living space that matches our clients dreams ”
– Drew Peters  aka "barn door ninja"

Interior Windows

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